Nets & mounting material for paintball fields

Our large range for the construction of modern paintball facilities also includes safety nets and assembly material in all sizes and designs.

In addition to the normal paintball net, there are also special versions with denser or tighter meshes for use in the spectator area or at special tournaments abroad. We also offer airsoft nets for the operation of airsoft playing fields. These have clearly small meshes, so that the small, 6mm large BB's cannot fly through.

In the area of mounting material, our range extends from wire ropes for hanging up the nets to mounting clips and tensioning hooks to screw connections and safety bolts . Everything you need to safely net your paintball field is available from us from a single source and in high, durable product quality.

Paintball Sports has been a permanent partner of numerous large paintball fields throughout Germany and the neighboring EU countries for years. We would also be happy to advise you on the construction of your paintball system and supply you with the right products.