Paint ball for kids

Play paintball for young people from 8 years

The Kids Paintball models at Paintball Sports make it possible. A new action adventure is about to begin for children and young people. So far it was only possible to play paintball from the age of 18 and the younger generation had to watch languidly. That's enough of that. A new generation of paintball markers makes it possible to practice paintball from the age of 8.

The new kids paintball equipment for Germany in a practical test

Here you will find a great video from the manufacturer KidsPaintball, which impressively shows the paintball markers for children in a practical test. The equipment impresses with its functionality and authenticity. With this equipment even the little ones can play like the big ones. For example, paintball can also become a great hobby for father and son together.

Kids paintball equipment in practice (video)

Professional paintball sport for children & teenagers:

In many countries around the world, children and young people are allowed to play paintball without any age restrictions. Thanks to new marker models and equipment, this is now also possible in Germany.

The equipment for paintball players from 8 years

Why is this paintball equipment approved for ages 8 and up?

The difference to normal paintball marker models is the structure of the markers. The models of the Kids Paintball series are driven with a significantly lower working pressure, or only with spring pressure, similar to what is known from airsoft guns. As a result, the energy of these weapons is significantly lower than that of normal paintball weapons. In principle, this allows the markers to be used without any age restrictions, since they are classified as toys by the legislator. Due to the design and fit of protective equipment and clothing, we recommend a minimum age of 8 years for participating in paintball.

Does paintball hurt and is it dangerous for my child?

The sport of paintball is generally not dangerous, neither for young people who play with paintball markers for children, nor for adults who practice the sport.

All players generally wear a protective mask during the game. This protects the eyes and face from the paintball balls. The rest of the body can either be covered with leisure clothing or sportswear typical of paintball. The balls that hit them hurt a little, but the pinching is short-lived and quickly forgotten.

Paintball balls for KIDS PAINTBALL, Cal. 50 paintballs:

The action hit at every birthday party - paintball for children.

If you want to give your children a very special birthday experience, then simply surprise them with a round of paintball. Your offspring will be thrilled and the celebration will still be the topic in the schoolyard and during leisure time weeks later.

No more boring children's birthday parties with pot hitting and scavenger hunts. Here the younger generation gets exactly what they want, namely an action-packed adventure in the fresh air with lots of fun.

The advantages are apparent. Paintball promotes physical fitness because it requires exercise, it strengthens the sense of togetherness among the kids, and it's just a lot of fun. This makes paintball for children and young people one of the few sports where kids still voluntarily leave their computer and go outside to play.

Playing paintball for children & young people has long been common practice in other countries...

The following video shows a group of young people aged just 8-12 years who get to know paintball for young people on a trip to the USA and are simply enthusiastic. The processes still seem more like a cops and robbers game and the children just have a lot of fun. But see for yourself.

Just surprise your offspring with a round of paintball and experience this great adventure together. Very playful and absolutely legal, also in Germany, thanks to the new KIDS paintball marker models.

Where can children and young people play paintball in Germany?

In northern Germany there are several paintball facilities and playing fields that also offer minors the opportunity to play paintball.

Paintball Operations, for example, is not far from our shop, a large paintball facility with indoor and outdoor playing fields near Bremen. You can easily reach this facility from Hanover in about 45 minutes by car. Even players from Hamburg only have to travel 40 minutes. Due to the very central location of this facility and the good service standard on site, we can warmly recommend the facility to our customers.

You can find more information about the offer of the paintball hall on site in the Kids Paintball FSK14 area on the homepage of the organizer Paintball Operations . There you can also conveniently book appointments online or obtain information by telephone.