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The Paintball Sports Magazine is currently the largest and most well-known paintball print magazine in German-speaking countries. A new magazine with 60 pages of fun reading is published every 3 months. In every issue you will find not only the latest information on products, events and tournaments, but also exciting articles and hot background information from the scene. The magazine has been completely free for all readers since day one and will continue to be so!

You can get the Paintball Sports Magazine from us in the Paintball Sports Store or with your order in the Paintballsports.de online shop. Also at over 75 partner pitches and partner shops throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The latest issue is always published at the turn of the quarter in early January, early April, early July and early October. There will also be an anti-cyclical published digital version of Paintball Sports Magazine from the 2023 season. You will always find these here on this page 6 weeks after the publication of the print magazine. Simply click on the cover of the magazine and you can read the digital version conveniently and easily on the go on your tablet, mobile device or desktop.

We wish all readers and fans of Paintball Sports Magazine a lot of fun with it.

Euer Paintball Sports Team



Here you can now find the new, digital version of Paintball Sports Magazine as a PDF for download. Both the current issue and all past issues are available here. To read, simply click on the cover of the magazine and the new, digital version of Paintball Sports Magazine will open on your screen. You can then simply leaf through them in digital form with a mouse click and read them again and again if you wish. Please note that the latest issue always appears as a digital version with a delay of approx. 6 weeks.

The digital version of the Paintball Sports Magazine is being reworked by our editors and expanded with digital content. For example, while reading, you can click on products and videos that interest you and you will be taken directly to the digital content on YouTube or in our online shop.

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