FIELD Paintballs - The solution for field operators

As one of the largest paintball dealers in Germany, we also supply numerous playing fields throughout Germany. The largest item that is handled on paintball fields are the paintballs. On the one hand, this is about the price, because the field operators have to calculate hard when purchasing in order to buy as cheaply as possible. On the other hand, the purchased paintballs must also meet a certain quality standard, because this is the only way the customers are satisfied in the end. In addition, cheap paintballs that have an oily filling, for example, damage the environment and ruin an entire system within a few months or years. When buying paintballs for paintball playing fields, the tough principle applies that if you buy cheap, you buy twice. Or perhaps to put it even more drastically, whoever saves on paint as a field operator loses customers in the long run and also destroys his own plant.

That's why we sat down with some of our long-term partners and listened to their needs and requirements for a really good paint for their field. The result is a whole catalog of points that a good field paint for paintball fields should ultimately achieve. Of course, almost every one of our playing field customers also raised the issue of price. At the same time, the list of wishes for what a good field paint should be able to do grew longer and longer. The bottom line is that in the end everyone had to realize that what they would like is possible, but not at the cheap price level that they would like. At the same time, it was about customer satisfaction on the paintball field. Many told us about paintballs that were cheap but didn't fly properly in the end, the shell was too hard or too brittle and the filling was sometimes still hanging on the covers months later. When we told them that for just a euro or two more per box you could get a paintball that didn't have all these disadvantages but still had numerous advantages, they were all excited.

This is how the FIELD Premium Paintballs project was born and implemented. At this point we can say that we have achieved our goal across the board and numerous satisfied pitch operators see it the same way. You now have happier customers who are even willing to pay more money for the paintballs on the field than before. They also have less lost revenue from bring-in paintballs and lower cleaning costs because our FIELD Premium paintballs leave less residue on fields and rental equipment. There are also no more price discussions with the field operators on the subject of paintballs, because the box of FIELD Premium Paintballs is not available in normal shops.

This paint is the all-round carefree solution for all field operators.

The perfect shell for field operators

The paintballs have a high-quality, two-tone shell that can be easily shot with any paintball marker model. This makes this paint suitable for rental markers as well as for hobby players with their own equipment and tournament players in training. A paint for all cases.

Unique in color and design, exclusively for playing fields!

This paint is specially designed for fields and is not available in normal retail outlets. The design of the crate is particularly eye-catching and unique on the market. This brings a high recognition value and guarantees that foreign paint is recognized immediately.

The color of the shell (2-tone) and the color of the filling is specially chosen to attract attention. You can clearly see these paintballs. In addition, we offer several color samples to choose from, so you can mix colors and only release a certain variety on a daily basis, depending on your own wishes and needs. Again, other paintballs on your pitch would immediately catch your eye.

Make FPO safe and profitable on your pitch

One of the biggest problems for paintball field operators who operate their facility with FPO (Field Paint Only) is that guest players like to try to bring their own paintballs. At first glance, this may be attractive for the player and also bring a certain cost saving, but it damages the playing field considerably. The reason, the plant operators earn their money with the paintballs. With FIELD Premium Paintballs, you as field operator ensure that foreign paintballs from other brands are recognized immediately. The FPO concept can thus be implemented and controlled much better. The result is increased sales or less lost sales from paintballs brought along.