RAM Paintballs - Large selection of RAM ammo

Of course, we also carry a large selection of ammunition and projectiles for RAM weapons and pistols. From paintballs to rubber bullets to pepperballs for RAM markers, you will find everything your heart desires in our range. Especially in the field of RAM paintballs, also known as RAM paintballs, we have the largest selection of colors in Germany.

RAM ammunition - paintballs

Our paintballs in the Cal. 43 are specially made for the special requirements of RAM weapons. They have a solid shell and can therefore be easily shot with all RAM paintball markers. The filling is clearly visible and can still be easily washed out. This means that these paintballs are also ideal for training for authorities and security services who do their training with RAM weapons that are as realistic as possible.

When choosing the color of our Cal. 43 paintballs are set almost no limits, the player can currently choose from 6 color variants. The color of the shell is always the same as the color of the filling. This means that you can even divide teams with different colored ammunition for training and see immediately who landed which hits. The optimal prerequisite for the analysis after the training scenario.

There will also be other color variants in the future, including white Cal. 43 paintballs, a tactical variant with a black shell that is very difficult to see in flight, as well as RAM ammunition with a clear filling and clear shell for use on training areas where unsightly paint splashes are not desired.

All this rounds off our range of RAM paintballs. We not only supply end customers throughout Germany and Europe, but are also contacts and suppliers for various authorities, the military, security services and, of course, playing fields and dealers/resellers in the B2B sector.

Powderballs for RAM markers

For those who like it a little harder, or who simply don't like color residue on the field, we also offer Cal. 43 powder balls . These are powder-filled balls with a wax shell. The shell is particularly hard, which almost completely excludes the occurrence of running bursts. Chips are a common problem in RAM, especially with the old markers that were very, very rough on paint. These should therefore best be operated with the RAM Powderballs.

Pepperballs - self-defense with RAM weapons

RAM pistols like the Walther PPQ are also popular for personal self-defense. The realistic appearance of the weapon usually deters the attacker directly. If just looking at the weapon does not produce the desired effect, it is important to have the correct ammunition loaded in your RAM weapon. So-called pepperballs, for example, are recommended here. These are plastic balls filled with pepper extract that not only have a high impact energy, but also emit a fine mist of pepper dust when they burst. If the attacker gets it in the face, the pepper extract irritates the mucous membranes and respiratory tract, rendering the attacker unable to fight. The perfect combination of deterrence and impact.

Rubber bullets for RAM weapons

RAM rubber bullets in Cal. 43 , so-called rubber balls, can be used either for personal defense or for shooting training. They consist of a hard rubber compound and can be reused almost indefinitely. A hit is very painful because these bullets do not burst, and therefore transfer all of their energy to the target.