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At Paintball Sports, as a customer, you not only get an extremely large selection of branded paintballs from different manufacturers, but also the guarantee that you will always receive fresh, top-quality goods. All paintball boxes that leave our warehouse are specially packed so that there is no damage or loss of quality during transport.

With us you get paintballs of all manufacturers and brands

Who has the largest selection of paintballs? - Paintball Sports, of course!

With us you are guaranteed to find the best selection. No other paintball shop in Germany has such a large selection of different branded paintballs as Whether you are looking for cheap field paintballs, want a premium ball, or need tournament ammunition for the paintball league, you as a customer are guaranteed to find what you are looking for with us.

What should I look out for when buying paintballs?

Buying paintballs is a matter of trust. After all, a good ball makes the difference between sporting success and failure on the day of the tournament. And even recreational players who have ever hit a bad box know that an inferior paintball can ruin an entire paintball day.

We therefore recommend that you always buy paintball balls from your trusted dealer. Furthermore, you should pay attention to a reasonable price-performance ratio. There will always be a supplier somewhere who is a few euros cheaper for one or the other type of paintball. Unfortunately, this is usually at the expense of quality. We know from customer reports as well as from our own experience that the supposedly cheap dealer usually saves in the wrong place and the paintballs are not packed correctly when shipped or, for example, they are not stored at the right temperature. Both inevitably lead to a deterioration in paint quality.

With us you can be sure that all paintballs are housed in a temperature-controlled warehouse. Each crate of paintballs is packed by us for shipping in a sturdy box with filling material that protects against transport damage and breakage in the paintball crate. You can also be sure with us that the quality and freshness of the paintballs are right, since as a large paintball specialist shop we generally sell a large number of paintballs and therefore constantly receive new, fresh goods. So you don't get any old or outdated goods from us, but always the best quality paintballs.

Our paint wins and makes the difference - we promise!

Especially in the field of tournament paintballs, quality is important. Only with a good ball, in which the shell, filling and flight behavior fit perfectly, can you also achieve corresponding results in tournament sports and the German Paintball League. Unfortunately, many teams make the mistake and only buy paintballs based on the price. But especially with tournament paint, a few euros more or less can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

We always make sure that the tournament paintballs we offer meet the best possible standards, only then does the idea of price come up. Paintball teams who have been buying paintballs from us for a long time know that they can rely on our targeted selection of the best paint batches and our many years of experience. The fact that all our tournament teams usually play the same paint also creates trust. The district league and state league teams from the lower divisions also get the same paint quality as the Bundesliga teams. That is our promise of quality!

What types of paintballs and paintball balls are there?

A basic distinction is made between several types of paintball balls. On the one hand, a distinction is made based on the caliber. When people talk about paintball, they usually call it Cal. 68. This corresponds to a diameter of 17.3 mm and is the standard caliber in paintball sports. In addition, there are different calibers such as Cal. 43 for so-called RAM weapons and the Cal. 50 that is used for a special type of paintball markers that are primarily designed for use by children.

Below we have given you a small overview and explanation of the individual Cal. 68 paintballs assembled.

1st Seconds - 2nd choice paintballs at an unbeatable price.

These paintballs are, so to speak, second-choice Gotcha ammunition. In these paintball boxes you will mainly find leftovers from old paint or overproduction, which were no longer enough for whole boxes and pallets and are therefore mixed up. So it can happen that in addition to misshapen paintballs, balls with bumps and dents can also be found in a box. There is also no fixed assignment in terms of quality, you can find all quality levels, sometimes wildly mixed up, in the same bag of paintballs.

2. White Box Paintballs - The cheap alternative, but why?

White box paintballs are cheaper in price because they are packed in a neutral box. No one can determine, not even us as a dealer, which paintball manufacturer produced the gelatine balls filled with paint. These are usually remainders or overproduction.

As a player, you have to consider whether the low price for the white box paintballs is actually worth it for you, because when you buy this paintball ammunition you have to expect changing quality. It is possible that a high-quality tournament paint will be waiting in the box one day, and a second-class training paint the next time.

3. Field & Training Paintballs - Well suited for beginners and teams

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paintball player, the training paintballs are always very popular. These paintballs are not only popular because of their low price, the consistency of the gelatin balls is also unique and suitable for paintball markers from different manufacturers.

Every well-known paintball manufacturer offers a field paint . This is usually suitable for all common types of markers, has a hard shell and a thin filling. Training and field paintballs often contain oil, which makes them cheap but also makes it difficult to clean playing fields, clothing and equipment. This should definitely be considered when purchasing.

4. Premium Paintballs - The mid-range all-round ball with the best properties

Most players in the paintball market, whether woodland or tournament players, use premium paintballs. These form the middle class of paintball balls. The Premium Paint is designed in such a way that it can be fired from almost all paintball markers without any problems. The shot pattern is clearly superior to that of the lower paint classes. The Premium Paint can also score in terms of shell and filling. The shell reliably breaks on the opponent, but not in the barrel or the marker. The filling is made from high quality PEG, leaves a bright, highly visible stain and yet is easily washed out of clothing.

For this reason, the Premium Paint is not only one of the most popular, but also the best-selling paintballs worldwide. A good paintball for a fair price that meets all requirements.

5. High End Tournament Paintballs - Precise, very brittle and simply good.

High end paintballs, tournament paintballs or competition grade paintballs are the best paintballs that money can buy. Here you get pure quality. This already starts with the production. Not only are better materials and ingredients used, but also the processing and drying time is different. All in all, much more emphasis is placed on materials and quality in the production of tournament paintballs than with any other type of paintball.

The result is impressive. In addition to very good flight characteristics, tournament paintballs also offer an ultra-brittle shell, combined with a brightly glaring filling that can be seen from afar.

How are paintballs made? - Here it is explained...

The production of paintball balls is a very special and demanding job. In order to get the right thickness of the shell so that the paintball flies and breaks properly in the end, the formula has to be right. Even when mixing the filling, nothing is left to chance so that you can see the paintball hit at the end.

Here you will find an interesting video from the manufacturer ProCaps, which produces the paintball brands ZAP, Draxxus / DXS and GI Sports, among others. The complete manufacturing process of the paintballs is explained in the video.