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Shipping Information


As a reliable and conscientious company, the ordered goods are generally shipped as an insured package. When shipping our packages, we rely on the courier  DHL , as it offers a  delivery rate of around 95% within 24 hours after  the goods have been shipped from our warehouse. This enables you as a customer to receive the goods quickly and reliably, and without additional costs.

If you are not at home when the goods are delivered, the courier will leave a message in your mailbox so that the package can be picked up conveniently at the nearest DHL depot or post office –  DHL of course also delivers on Saturdays .

All orders are processed by us as quickly as possible, on weekdays at the latest within 24 hours of receipt. Please understand that if payment is made in advance, shipping can only take place once the amount to be paid has been credited to our account. Therefore, please plan 1-2 working days for the transfer and another 1-2 working days for shipping in the case of prepayment.

You can find an overview of the ordering and payment options in the Payment Information  section .



With standard parcel shipping (payment in advance, PayPal, immediate transfer, etc.), the shipping costs are  EUR 6.90 . In the case of cash on delivery (convenient payment upon receipt of the goods), the costs are  EUR 14.90  (EUR 6.90 shipping costs + EUR 6.00 cash on delivery fee + EUR 2.00 DHL delivery fee)

For orders from 100.00 Euro we deliver free of charge within Germany! *


You’re not from Germany? No problem, we also ship our packages within the European Union. For standard parcel shipping (payment in advance, PayPal, direct transfer, etc.) we charge a fee of  17 euros .

Special fare to Austria: 12 euros

Please understand that cash on delivery abroad is not possible.


In general, worldwide shipping is possible. Please inquire about the exact shipping costs before ordering your goods. In principle, the customer is responsible for any processing or customs fees incurred when exporting / importing to third countries.

Note : The company Paintball Sports GmbH does not assume any costs, no matter what kind.



Article available

The delivery time is 1-2 days. The item is in stock in sufficient quantities and ready for immediate dispatch.

few items available

The delivery time is 1-2 days. The article is only in small quantities in stock, but ready for immediate dispatch.

Article not available

The item is currently not in stock, but we will order it immediately. The delivery time is 10-14 days, provided the item is available from the manufacturer. If the item is not available from the manufacturer either, it can sometimes take significantly longer, up to several months. If in doubt, please ask us about the exact delivery time before placing your order.


All orders are processed by us as quickly as possible and in chronological order. Should there be a delay, we will contact you as soon as possible. The standard delivery time for parcel shipping is given by us as 2 days, we ask you to take this into account when placing your order. A 24-hour dispatch cannot be guaranteed. Please note that  shipping to packing stations is generally not possible. Since we also sell firearms and other items with an FSK18 restriction, we generally do not deliver to packing stations, as there it cannot be guaranteed that the goods will be taken over by an adult. For orders with shipping within Germany, the shipping costs are taken over by us from a goods order value of 100.00 euros. If the customer wants cash on delivery, he has to pay the additional cash on delivery fee of 6.00 euros himself, as well as the DHL delivery fee of 2.00 euros. If the customer makes use of his right of withdrawal and the actual order value falls below the limit of 100.00 euros, we reserve the right to subsequently charge the shipping costs of 6.90 euros.

Warteliste beitreten Wir werden Sie informieren, wenn das Produkt auf Lager ist. Bitte hinterlassen Sie unten Ihre gültige E-Mail-Adresse.