Woodland & Scenario Markers

Paintball Woodland & Scenario Markers

No woodland or scenario paintball match is possible without the right marker in replica look!

But what is it when you talk about woodland or scenario paintball?

Woodland paintball:

Originally, this meant paintball games that took place primarily on a marked-out area in the forest or open space. However, the term woodland now also includes games in urban terrain, which can be old industrial or military facilities. The covers in Woodland Paintball are mostly natural obstacles such as trees or bushes. But it can also be old cars, houses or specially created obstacles. Ultimately, everything that is not SupAir or Speedball fields is basically Woodland fields. The game is also played in special woodland/scenario clothing so that you are well camouflaged in the forest and don't become a running target.

Scenario Paintball:

The paintball scenario is primarily about completing a specific task or mission embedded in some sort of "story". The goal is not to mark as many opponents as possible, but to complete the task or mission. In a scenario match, it can sometimes happen that not a single paintball is fired. In the Paintball scenario, the game is mainly played in camouflage or in clothing adapted to the theme of the scenario. Borrowings from the science fiction genre or computer games, where futuristic scenarios are played, are becoming increasingly popular. The best example is our paintball field in Achim near Bremen, where paintball operations get hot and you have to save the world from nasty monsters from another dimension.

The markers for these types of paintball games

If you like woodland or scenario paintball , then of course you also need the right marker, which in most cases resembles the original assault rifles used by emergency services and the military. This is the only way you can get particularly close to the attraction of re-enacting historical battles and scenarios. Most popular are the replicas of the original M16 assault rifle, such as the Omega from BT or the Tippmann X-7 Phenom M-16 Style Edition .

Since they should not be missing in any game, the range of woodland & scenario markers is correspondingly diverse. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or already have a lot of experience, in this category you will find markers for outdoor use as well as for indoor scenarios.

Semi Automatic Woodland Marker

Pump-action markers are standard and are especially recommended for beginners. Usually, these devices use a conservative, but reliable, piston system that uses a valve to direct compressed air behind the bullet. But electrical mechanisms are also available for higher-quality devices and allow for a more compact, lighter design to create enough space for optical extras or functional support such as sighting devices. Of course, for more realistic tournaments you can get markers in the form of pistols , sniper rifles and even pump shotguns . In most cases, these devices require special First Strike paintballs , which have a more robust shell and can therefore be fired at over 100m without any problems. But devices that can be filled with classic paintball ammunition are also available. The ammunition is usually either via hopper or exchangeable paintball magazines with the promotion principle.

Fully automatic markers - the highest demands for high-performance sports

Locally restricted scenarios and high-volume tournaments tend to require markers with better firing rates. For this purpose you will find a considerable selection of fully automatic devices with electro-pneumatic regulation. Gas or compressed air is admitted via a switchable solenoid valve, which theoretically makes it possible to fire 28 paintballs per minute. Due to the high stress, standard paintballs are no longer recommended in such cases. If you are an athlete with high demands for realism, you will find lighter markers in the category that are designed to look like authentic submachine guns, or even larger devices that reflect machine guns and assault rifles. However, so that you are not forced to change your marker for more dignified scenarios, most devices have a semi-automatic option. So you are always there, no matter how much the requirements change.

Special devices - for special scenarios

Woodland & scenario markers are of course also available for special applications. Recreations and tactical training maneuvers may require the use of smoke grenades and paintball grenades to mark entrenched enemy team members. So that you are not helpless in such scenarios, we offer you paintball grenade launchers and the appropriate ammunition. So you are fully equipped for every conceivable use. We also offer you the right clothing for your personal Woodland or scenario experience in the online shop. Just look in the appropriate category for clothing for Woodland.

If you have any questions about this type of paintball sport or need detailed advice, just send us an email or call us directly!

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