New Legion paintballs

Paintball is also very popular far away from North America. So it is all the more commendable when companies involved in this sport are involved in a variety of ways. New Legion is one of the companies to which this applies. Especially since it is not at home in North America: New Legion comes from Great Britain and stands for paintball quality at a professional level. At the same time, New Legion acts as a sponsor: They not only support the "X Series Germany" and the German Paintball League (DPL) , but also provide individual teams with high-quality technology. You can now benefit from this know-how when selecting the various New Legion paintballs in the online shop. With a good dozen different types of paintball, the British company has one of the richest product portfolios ever. If you are getting a taste of paintball for the first time, the One Field Paintballs are an excellent choice. The filling can be washed off quickly after the thick shell has revealed the thin liquid content. The same applies to the yellow Attack Field Paintballs and the pink Hails .

Highest paintball quality from New Legion

Would you like to keep an overview at all times, even in fast-paced battles within your league? Then the so-called Thunder Premiums should be to your liking. Even the turquoise shell reveals: These paintballs are blessed with a strong signal color after they burst. So you can see the bright color even over long distances. Comparable paintballs from New Legion, which are used professionally, are the neon yellow Tornado Premiums and the sparkling orange Ultimate Tournaments . The Candy Shop variant from New Legion represents an adequate interim solution. Due to its all-round abilities, these are suitable both for a casual game among friends and for skirmishes under competitive conditions. But the real ultimate awaits you in the form of the Ultra Pro tournaments . These yellow bursting bullets have excellent flight characteristics and offer high-end performance, even at high speeds, that is worthy of a professional match.