Paintballs by GI Sportz

With our GI paintballs you can choose between bags of 500 and boxes of 2000. The GI paintballs basically all correspond to a very high quality standard, so that ball breaks are almost impossible. We offer you the whole range of paintball balls from GI Sports. The 1 Star Recreational Paintballs from GI Sports are best suited for training, while the 2 Star Strategic Paintballs are a high-quality product that is also suitable for scenario players or tournament beginners. The gelatine shell of the 3 Star Competition Paintballs consists of two metallic colors with the proven "Hard to Wipe" filling. The legendary 4 Star Tournament Paintballs from GI have already accompanied quite a few players under the name Imperial Paintball on their way to tournament victory.

The 5 Star Pro-Circuit Paintball is the ultimate paintball for the best paintball teams in the world. The brittleness is extremely high and the proven "Hard to Wipe" filling draws an optimal hit pattern. The paintball was also developed for extreme accuracy at the highest firing rates.

Our range of GI Sportz Paintballs is rounded off by Cal. 50 paintballs. These can be used, for example, when children play paintball .

You can find more information about choosing the right paintballs for your game here.