HK Army - High End Paint

Just as quickly as the sport of paintball itself is spreading, companies that are primarily dedicated to this sport are also evolving. The expansion of HK Army, for example, took place almost at breakneck speed. As is so often the case, it hails from the "homeland" of paintball, namely the USA. The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Gardena, California.

HK Army paintballs

In addition to paintballs, paintball equipment and accessories, HK Army also makes lifestyle clothing. In fact, the products are now available in more than 60 countries, so paintball players in all corners of the world can benefit from HK Army's know-how. You are now also included, because the high-quality paintballs from HK Army are included in our online shop. The Exclusive Paint are shiny metallic-violet paintballs. When they burst, they reveal a yellow color that is quite difficult to remove from clothing. This is due to the special consistency of the filling, which HK Army has labeled "Dyna-Brite". This means that it shines particularly intensely and is therefore particularly suitable for duels under competitive conditions.

HK Army's Premier Paintballs

The Premier Paintballs are quite different from the Exclusive Paint. They have a dark metallic green and are very "stealthy" according to the manufacturer. In other words, it's very difficult to identify this paintball once it's fired. In addition, the "Premiers" are suitable for all weather conditions, so you can use them for a casual duel in summer as well as for tournaments in winter. Thanks to its low price, paintball beginners in particular who primarily play with friends or who are trying out tournament air for the first time should access it. By the way, all paintballs from HK Army are 100 percent environmentally friendly. In addition, they are thoroughly checked for integrity in the USA using the so-called "re-tape" process before they are passed on to us.