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The accessories are as essential as the paintball marker itself. Be it buying spare parts for maintenance or adding accessories that upgrade the marker or improve performance. In our large online shop for paintball marker accessories you will find the right accessory for every brand and marker model from our range.

To make it easier for you to find your way around when selecting parts, we have structured the online shop simply and clearly. Just follow the icons to your desired category. Be it marker tuning, conversion kits for a new look, or spare parts for wear and tear, we have everything your paintball marker needs.

Paintball marker tuning

Tuning parts describe everything that makes the paintball marker more powerful and efficient . In this category you will find a lot of cool products like bolts, tuning boards and improved components.

This product category is purely designed for performance and is guaranteed to tickle some performance out of your marker. But be careful, not every tuning is allowed everywhere. Please inform yourself in advance about the legal regulations and, if necessary, discuss the possible uses with your field operator.

Runs & accessories for your paintball marker

Here you will find everything about barrels and their maintenance and care. From the inexpensive tuning barrel to the high-quality, multi-part paintball barrel set, there is a wide range of products on offer here. The topic of cleaning and care is not neglected either, choose the right product for your marker from a large selection of barrel cleaner bags and accessories for your run.

Shoulder Rests - This upgrade adds stability

Woodland & scenario markers can usually be upgraded with a shoulder stock. This gives you more accuracy when shooting, as the marker can be guided better and more smoothly thanks to the firm hold in the shoulder strap. A worthwhile accessory for your paintball gun. Depending on the marker model, we offer you a wide range of shoulder rest models and color combinations.

Magazines for more ammo

You will find this accessory category with all MagFed and replica paintball markers , i.e. all models that have a magazine, be it with function or for purely optical reasons. Depending on the manufacturer, you can choose between one and more magazine variants and color combinations to customize the setup of your paintball marker to your liking.

Handguards & attachments for replica markers

Here you will find everything you can add to the housing of your paintball marker. A large selection of handles, front shrouds and more await you. These components are usually used to improve the appearance and handling of the marker.

Sighting devices - red dots, scopes and sight rails

In this product category you will find all products related to target optics and accessories. Starting with simple sight rails and elevations, to complex red dot sights and sights for sniper rifles with multiple zooms for longer distances. We offer a very wide and varied range of products in this area. Interesting upgrade, especially for Woodland, Scenario and MagFed paintball markers.

Conversion kits give your paintball marker a new look

You are tired of the look of your marker, but like the handling, function and reliability? Conversion kits are an interesting, inexpensive alternative to changing markers and bring a breath of fresh air to your equipment. With a conversion kit you can turn your marker into a completely new / different model. For example, turn your Tippmann M16 assault rifle into an AK-47 or a sniper rifle with just a few components. There are often no limits to the variety here, so let off steam...

Grenade launcher for paintball markers

This is where it gets down to business... If you like it a little louder, coarser and more violent, you can upgrade your paintball marker with a real, functional grenade launcher . For the grenade launchers there are numerous types of ammunition and uses. It's best to get an overview of the product category yourself, you can expect a lot of fun with this accessory.

Straps make life easier...

Anyone who has ever walked the field for 1-2 hours with the paintball marker in hand knows that at some point even the strongest upper arm gets longer and longer. Carrying straps help. Just hang your paintball marker on your back or over your shoulder while you run from one battlefield to the next on the field.

Spare parts - We repair your paintball marker

The necessary spare parts form the basis for a long paintball marker life. We offer you various spare parts kits in different sizes. Starting with the small O-ring kit for replacing the seals of the marker bolt, up to the complete parts kit with almost all internal components of the marker. We attach particular importance to this product category, as we attach great importance to after-sales support and customer satisfaction. Spare parts help you to get small defects and problems under control quickly.

Tools & Accessories

Every paintball marker needs the right tool for repair and maintenance. The best technicians and the most experienced players are at a loss without the right tools . In this product category you will find exactly the right tool for your weapon, without compromise.