TacShot Ammunition - The non-lethal alternative in self-defense

The TacShot Ammunition brand develops high-quality special ammunition for different purposes for firing from paintball airguns and comparable launching devices from the law enforcement sector. All projectile types have one thing in common, they are highly effective or effective, but in no case lethal. The range of ammunition offered ranges from simple rubber bullets to full-jacketed metal bullets to special bullets that cause nausea and vomiting, for example. TacShot also produces a variety of very interesting types of ammunition for the FX area and film production, for example to stage bullet impacts on a wide variety of surfaces in films.

With us you get the complete product range of the TacShot Ammunition brand, as well as all packaging units and sales sizes.

TacShot Pepperballs

Pepperballs are often used by police units, the military and security companies as non-lethal defensive ammunition. The bullet has a double effect. On the one hand due to the impact energy, which is extremely high due to the hard plastic jacket and creates a direct man-stop effect on the attacker, and of course the pepper powder inside the bullets, which is atomized when the bullets burst and is inhaled by the attacker. The highly effective capsaicin powder acts directly on the attacker's airways and mucous membranes and effectively puts him out of action. Pepperballs are the ideal home defense ammunition, but should be used with caution and only in an absolute emergency.

TacShot Powder Balls

Powderballs have a wide variety of uses. On the one hand, they are often used by paintball players in the MagFed and scenario areas. Here the provider First Strike is one of the big ones on the market with its Ultraspherical Powderballs. The balls filled with powder in the Cal. 68 burst upon impact with a hard target, spreading its powder charge over a wide radius. This creates a beautiful, optical effect, as known from cinema films, for example. This brings us directly to the next area of application for the Cal. 68 powder balls. These are used by filmmakers for action scenes in cinema and TV productions to create the said effect in all Hollywood blockbusters. Of course, we are also happy to supply amateur directors and the cinema film producers of tomorrow with our powder balls for special effects in the cinema. Last but not least, the powder balls are also suitable as an inexpensive training option for the use of pepper balls. In principle, the bullet is constructed in the same way as a pepperball, but without the highly effective filling. That makes them significantly cheaper. Handling and ballistics are almost identical.

TacShot Skunk Balls

These highly potent slugs emit a truly foul smell reminiscent of rotten eggs and vomit. You should definitely not be joking about it, because the smell is very difficult to remove from textiles and also adheres to practically all surfaces. One or two bullets are enough to make an entire room uninhabitable for hours. These balls are really only for use in special areas. The handy paintball stink bombs in the Cal. 68 are usually used to clear buildings or wherever you want to disperse large crowds of people. The foul-smelling stench makes it possible. No one here would want to stay near a bursting TacShot Skunk Round bullet any longer than necessary.

TacShot Full Metal Jacket

This extremely heavy full metal jacket bullet destroys almost everything that stands in its way. Fired with enough force, these Cal. 68 bullets even glass and thin walls. The special is the special structure of the balls. Inside is a solid steel ball that is practically indestructible. To ensure that this heavy projectile does not damage the launcher, it is also coated with PVC plastic. This ensures better gliding properties in the barrel of the weapon and smoother acceleration of the bullet. The TacShot Full Metal Jacket bullets are definitely only for hardened users as well as police and special units and should never be misused!

TacShot ManStopper & ManStopper Precision

The TacShot ManStopper bullets are hard, yet malleable wax full metal jacket bullets. Thanks to the special material, this bullet transfers its energy almost completely to the target and thus develops a maximum man-stop effect. While metal bullets remain dimensionally stable and rubber bullets release energy through their soft surface, the ManStopper bullet deforms towards the target on impact. The projectile energy thus practically pushes. The bullet cannot ricochet but unloads its full force on the target. The result is a significantly more painful hit than with other self-defense projectiles.

TacShot Tracer Bullets

This special ammunition is particularly suitable for training at dusk or in the dark. The balls are enriched with fluorescent pigments and therefore glow in the dark, practically like a Cal. 68 tracer bullet. This allows the bullet trajectory to be understood. Like all fluorescent things, the projectiles must be "charged" with UV light before use. After approx. 5 minutes exposure to UV light, they then store this for approx. 15-30 minutes and can be fired clearly visible even in total darkness. The TacShot Traccer Bullets are available in two versions. Once as an inexpensive ball with a gelatine coating and once as a high-quality plastic projectile, similar to powder balls. However, the Traccer Bullets are filled with a fluorescent gel instead of powder.

TacShot HE-Cal. 68 explosive projectiles / Spark Balls

The HE stands for High Explosive. - Certainly a bit of an exaggeration, but these bullets actually explode on impact with a hard surface. The purpose is diverse, but is mainly aimed at filmmakers and special effects artists from the cinema industry. The black balls in the Cal. 68 consist of a hard plastic core with a small blank charge inside. This creates a great lightning bang effect when it hits a hard surface such as walls, cars, etc., which makes a lot of impression on the screen.