Buy paintball clothing or protective clothing from different brands

Even if the paintball marker has nothing in common with a real gun, hitting a paintball can be extremely unpleasant. Appropriate protective clothing is therefore advisable for this type of sport. And not only if you want to play really professionally.

Paintball protective clothing - what is necessary?

If you want to play paintball, even if you are just trying to walk in this sport, you need at least one paintball mask to protect your face, eyes and ears from injuries. You should make sure that you buy a mask that fits well and does not pinch. You should also choose a paintball mask that does not fog up during the game, especially if you wear glasses.

Paintball protective clothing prevents bruises and bruises

Of course, paintball players don't just wear jerseys in the colors of their team in the game. For the experienced player, protective clothing underneath is of course absolutely mandatory. Whether elbow pads , paintball neck protection , kneepads or paintball slide shorts . Of course, the corresponding DYE C14 trousers should not be missing either. Whether Gotcha jerseys or C14 pants, the paintball clothing is made of ever more durable material that can withstand even the heaviest loads.

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