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Paintballbuddy.de: Discover Paintballsports.de – Your paintball expert

Paintballbuddy.de: Discover Paintballsports.de – Your paintball expert Welcome to Paintballsports.de, your reliable partner for everything related to the fascinating game of paintball. We know you're looking for Paintballbuddy.de, but have you ever thought about paying us a visit? Why Paintballsports.de? Paintballsports.de is your ultimate paintball expert, offering everything you need for a successful and exciting […]


Paintball Sports – Youtube channel competition

Paintball Sports – Youtube channel competition As a follower of our YouTube channel you can regularly win great prizes! As soon as you have subscribed to the channel, you will automatically take part in the raffle. Current competitions on the Paintball Sports YouTube channel EMF100 competition in January 2024 Every follower of our channel automatically […]

Paintball Youtube Channel from PaintballSports.de – Everything about paintball

Paintball is an exciting and action-packed sport that is inspiring more and more people. If you are interested in paintball or are already an experienced player, you should definitely visit the Paintball Youtube channel from PaintballSports.de. Here you will find comprehensive information on all paintball products and aspects, presented by experienced experts in German. Why […]

The latest paintball products in the 4th quarter of 2023

NEW FOR CS3 & GTEK 180R – PLANET ECLIPSE MECH FRAMES Mechanical paintball has been big in the USA for several years. For this reason, PLANET ECLIPSE has now subsequently developed mechanical frames for the CS3 and GTEK180R models. The kits turn the e-pneumatic high-end markers into a mechanical version that complies with the rules […]


At this point we would like to take another look at the results of the 2023 tournament season with you. Let's take a look at the final ranking of DPL, ICS and Co. Who is the German champion and who are the ambitious promoted teams that will attack a league higher next year? Here you […]

TRAVEL THE WORLD – With Louis on a paintball world tour Vol. 2

We already introduced you to the paintball globetrotter Louis in the last issue. He told us about his career and how he experienced tournament paintball in many parts of the world. After we made a stopover in Australia in the first article of this year, today we're going to Africa in the second part. Looking […]


At the end of the year we would like to tell you again about this year's Scenario Big Game at Battleground. In September, SBG – THE PURGE, the largest paintball event on European soil, took place. At the same time it was the 30th event and therefore the 15th anniversary, which was of course celebrated […]


On September 16th this year, the first Paintball Rookie Open Event took place at the Paintball Battlefields Hildesheim facility. This is currently Germany's largest youth tournament. 60 teams compete against each other in just one tournament at the same time to choose Germany's best young team. We were there live and have lots of cool […]

Paintball marker lasering – everything about the latest technology

Paintball marker lasering – everything about the latest technology What is paintball marker lasering? Paintball marker lasering is an emerging technology that is revolutionizing the world of paintball. Lasering allows you to personalize your paintball markers and give them a unique look. Advantages of paintball marker lasering Using lasering on your paintball marker offers a […]

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