Wire rope cross clamp for playing field net canopy (5mm)

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Product description

Wire cross clamp for crosswise fixing or tightening of 2 steel cables. These clamps are ideal for the roof construction of paintball fields. Normally, the wire ropes of the roof construction are stretched horizontally and vertically between the posts over the entire playing field. So that individual ropes do not sag, they are guided over and under each other in a kind of interweaving.

This effort can be saved by using the cross clamps. They are simply screwed in at the points where the wire ropes cross and connect the ropes together so firmly and stably. This gives the entire roof construction of your paintball field significantly more support and stability, since all the ropes behave together like in a big one.

The specified diameter of the clamp is the maximum inner diameter that the actual wire rope may have. Wire ropes with a plastic sheath may have to be stripped at the points where the clamps are to be mounted. If you don't want to remove the sheathing, you can alternatively use a clamp with a larger diameter.

Technical specifications:

Diameter cable guide 5mm

Outer diameter clamp 20mm

Height 23mm

Thread M12

Weight 37g

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