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Paintball markers Techservice and repairs from Paintball Sports

When it comes to the professional maintenance and repair of paintball markers, it is important to have a trustworthy and reliable contact person. Many paintball players are unfamiliar with their equipment and prefer to rely on an experienced paintball marker technician to fix minor problems.

That's where we come in. Paintball Sports offers you a fully equipped workshop and a huge range of spare parts for almost all common paintball marker models. Our certified technicians know every model inside and out and ensure that your marker is quickly ready for use again.

Who repairs paintball markers? - We of course!

No matter whether on site in the shop, as a maintenance order that you send us by post or at the numerous events throughout Germany and neighboring countries. We offer you comprehensive paintball tech service for everyone. Whether it's a small leak or major functional problems, our experienced technicians repair almost every model quickly and reliably.

Here you can book the right tech service for your paintball marker . The process is very simple. First send us your marker along with our service form. Our technician will check the process and, if possible, start repairing it immediately, so that after just a few days you will have a repaired and fully functional paintball marker at home.

Which paintball markers can Paintball Sports repair?

As a provider with one of the largest paintball marker workshops in Germany, we repair almost all common models. To give you a better overview, we have summarized the most important paintball marker models for which we offer a technical and repair service.

Our Techservice area is subdivided by brand. So first find the manufacturer category that corresponds to your marker model. Then select the repair offer that suits your marker in the category and order it like a normal item via the online shop. If you have any questions, our marker technician will be happy to help.

Carmatech Paintball Marker Techservice

We repair all Carmatech paintball marker models. Whether SAR-12 or others, your Carmatech paintball marker is guaranteed to be in good hands here.

Techservice for Tippmann paintball markers

Of course, we also repair all current Tippmann models. You can send us anything from the A5 to the TMC or X7.

Official DYE Techcenter

We are particularly proud of this title. We are not only one of the largest dye dealers in Europe, but also an officially certified tech center for all dye paintball marker models.

We repair your Empire paintball marker!

Of course, we also repair all current Empire models in our paintball marker workshop.

Planet Eclipse Paintball Marker Techservice

Planet Eclipse's high-quality paintball markers also need some maintenance and care from time to time. As an official Planet Eclipse tech base, we will help you repair all common models.

Smart Parts & Luxe Tech Center

We are the official Smart Parts and Luxe Service Point in northern Germany. With us you can have all your Smart Parts Shocker and DLX Luxe paintball markers repaired.

Techservice for all Maxtact paintball markers

Here you can book a tech service for your Maxtact paintball marker.

Certified workshop for all Milsig and Valken paintball markers

We repair all current Milsig M17, M5 Magnus and Valken M17 as well as Valken Blackhawk paintball markers.