Pro Shar: Paintball quality from Eastern Europe

Paintball is not just about lightning fast reactions and good technique. The material also played a crucial role. Professionals in particular appreciate equipment of a certain level of quality and quickly notice whether the paintballs used are cheap mass-produced goods or actually come from a well-known manufacturer. If paintballs excellent quality is discussed in professional circles, then at some point the company name Pro Shar will also be mentioned. The Eastern European company has earned an excellent reputation in the paintball scene thanks to its excellent range and quality. But what distinguishes the paintballs from the East in detail?

Inexpensive training paintballs and practical all-rounders

Do you have extensive training on your daily schedule? Then Pro Shar's "Skirmish Training Paintballs" are the right choice. They represent the company's cheapest type of paintball and are playable with all markers. They are characterized by a comparatively thin filling and a hard shell. The situation is different with regard to " premium paintballs ". They act as versatile all-round paintballs with a significantly thicker filling. In addition, the color is even more clearly visible, which makes it a playable type of paintball even in games with aggravated conditions (e.g. fog or poor visibility due to many objects).

Prp Sha: The colour-intensive ultimate

The ultimate in the " Made in Russia " paintball range are the " Tournament Paintballs ". As the name suggests, they are designed for use in tournaments. You benefit from their excellent flight characteristics: Deviating flight curves, such as those of inferior paintballs due to non-round shapes, are excluded here. The rather brittle shell comes with a very colorful filling in yellow and green. It is therefore easy to see whether your aim attempt was successful, even over long distances. Another tip: If you have a particularly large paintball requirement, it is worth using the " Test the Best " compilation. It contains 8000 paintballs from Pro Shar - with best regards from Russia!