Woodland & Scenario

Woodland & Scenario Paintball is an adrenaline pumping adventure

It is well known that most paintball players who are new to the sport start in the area of the forest and house fighting fields . At the beginning, the players usually attach importance to the gaming experience being as close as possible to familiar experiences from other areas, such as the computer game first-person shooters Call of Duty, Battlefield or Counterstrike. The equipment of these players is usually very military and consists of special scenario clothing and other tactical equipment, as well as a woodland & scenario paintball marker . These marker models are characterized by the most realistic appearance possible and have shoulder rests, sights and other accessories.

Where can I best pursue my hobby?

There are a number of interesting offers for woodland players throughout the year, spread across Germany and the neighboring EU countries. Many of the big manufacturers from the scenario area work closely with the organizers of these events to develop and enable new and even more extreme experiences for the player.

The Tippmann company, one of the largest and oldest suppliers of paintball markers, offers the Tippmann Challenge, for example, a global event that is held on several continents. For example, the Tippmann Challenge UK is held on a military training ground in the English countryside, where real helicopters and tanks are part of the action as a special highlight, giving the player unforgettable moments.

Other very well-known events take place in Poland, the Netherlands, France or Greece (Medusa Paintball Big Game). However, these events are usually limited in terms of the number of participants and are therefore usually only accessible to players who have the appropriate sponsorship or gaming experience.

What is the best event for woodland & scenario paintballers in Germany?

In Germany there has actually only been one place to go for woodland and scenario paintball players for over 10 years, namely the Euro Big Game , EBG for short. This event was brought to life by the dealer and field operator Christian Kammerer and has been continuously expanded and improved since its inception. At its peak, the EBG had around 2,000 players on a weekend, with over 1,500 players meeting at the same time for a huge game on the field and igniting a gigantic paintball color battle.

The event lasts 3-4 days and, in addition to the normal day game, which is peppered with many very varied missions, it also offers a big trade show, an evening supporting program, good food and top organization as well as many other great surprises. For example, the organizer does not want to miss out on offering a special event in the evening hours at every event for the very tough paintball players, in which a small group of players has to operate in the style of a paintball special unit and complete tricky orders. This is always an additional incentive for many players to visit the event and is one of the demanding highlights of the Euro Big Game.

The location of the event has changed several times in recent years. In its early days, the event took place in Veckring, France. There is now a small, independent paintball big game there. After the event left France, they settled in Mahlwinkel, in the east of northern Germany, and have stayed there, with one exception for a year. Only the exact location changed again a few years ago, the event moved a few hundred meters further to a new site. However, this in turn offers the players new challenges and the game can continue.

We can only recommend the EBG to you. The atmosphere and the games are just fun and there is no other comparable event of this size on German soil.