battle packs

Paintball Battlepacks at Paintball Sports

The Paintball Battlepack allows you to carry additional paintballs and paintball HP systems or Co2 bottles on your back or on your belt. A distinction is also made here between different models and types of battlepacks that offer the wearer a wide variety of carrying options. Beginner Battlepacks usually have a solid nylon belt to which a Battlepack for up to 2 or 3 pods or even a speed loader is attached.

Which Battlepacks do the pros use?

More advanced players usually use paintball battlepacks with a larger capacity, it is quite possible to carry up to 1000 or more paintballs with them. Woodland and Scenario Paintball players who have a paintball marker with a shoulder rest often also carry their compressed air or Co2 bottle on their back to improve marker handling. There are also different types of battlepacks or tactical vests that make this possible.