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Paintball running systems

Whether from Hammerhead, Smart Parts & Co. - we have them all!

The paintball barrel is one of the most important parts of the paintball marker and often determines victory or defeat in the course of the game. The better and higher quality a paintball barrel is made, the better the shot pattern of the paintball marker.

Which paintball running systems are there?

In the field of paintball barrels, you can choose between simple, smooth barrels, rifled barrels with trains and fields that give the paintball a rotational movement for an even more precise trajectory, and the complete barrel sets. Barrel sets usually consist of several components such as one or more barrel fronts, different barrel end pieces with various diameters for different types of paint, also called barrel backs and a storage bag or the same.

Probably the highest quality and most accurate paintball barrels on the market come from the companies Paintball Assassins - Death Stix, Sly, Hammerhead , DYE , Proto, Smart Parts and Planet Eclipse . With us you get a large selection of very precise barrels and barrel systems in various lengths and price ranges. Whether paintball tuning barrels & barrel sets from Hammerhead, Smart Parts & Co. We have them all. In addition, we also carry the complete range of accessories and cleaning items for paintball barrels such as barrel cleaners, barrel sheep, Teflon oils and much more. Convince yourself of the quality of the paintball equipment we sell.