Wire rope / steel cable for paintball fields, coated (2mm / 3mm) - 100m

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Product description

High-quality, coated wire rope for covering paintball fields.

If you want to set up a paintball field, you have to stretch nets. In order to ensure a sufficient load capacity, the use of wire or steel cables is essential. The surface of normal wire ropes is rough and sharp-edged, this can damage the paintball net. So that this does not happen, the wire ropes we offer are also provided with a plastic sheath, which protects the rope from the weather and the net from damage.

Which rope do I need or what do I use which rope strength for?

The 2mm/3mm ropes are the thinnest version. This rope is only used to stretch nets above the playing field (sky). The nets used there are usually lighter, so the rope does not need to be as strong as on the side edges of the field. The lighter and cheaper 2mm/3mm steel cable is usually sufficient here.

The 3mm/5mm wire rope is the model most commonly used by our customers. It is used to stretch the nets on the outside of the pitch and is strong and durable.

The 4mm/6mm wire rope is the most stable variant. If you live in a region with strong winds or frequent squalls, or if you want to stretch nets over a long distance with fewer posts, you can use this particularly stable and almost indestructible steel cable. Field operators who plan for 10 years or more usually use these high-quality steel cables.

Specifications of 2mm/3mm wire rope:

Diameter wire rope 2mm plus 0.5mm sheathing = 3mm total diameter.

Diameter plastic jacket 3mm (0.5mm thickness)

Structure of the rope 6x7 (i.e. the rope consists of 6 small, twisted ropes, which in turn consist of 7 even smaller, twisted ropes)

Material steel C7 galvanized with PVC

Minimum breaking load: 260 daN

Weight approx. 16g per running meter of wire rope

Delivery quantity 100 running meters

The structure of the wire ropes corresponds to the highest technical standards and guarantees maximum resilience of the ropes in all weather conditions.

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