Paintball Sports always has the right paintball equipment for you in stock!

In the largest paintball online shop in Germany you will not only find the latest equipment, but also the latest products and the trendiest accessories for your paintball equipment. We provide you with everything you need.

Paintball clothing

Whether pants, jersey or protective clothing. Here you will find everything there is to wear for paintball sports. We carry all well-known brands and their top products. Shoes and headgear are also part of the range, as are gloves and tactical paintball clothing .

Paintball HP system

Looking for an air system or accessories like a remote system, tank cover or a new burst disk? Here you will definitely find what you are looking for. We offer you a large selection. From the inexpensive paintball HP system to the more expensive but ultra-light composite bottle, we have everything in stock that you need for your paintball equipment. The large selection of HP regulator brands is also impressive.

Buy a paintball mask

Are you looking for a new paintball mask ? Then you are exactly right here. Paintball Sports offers you a huge selection of paintball equipment. All well-known paintball mask manufacturers are represented in our online shop. We also offer replacement lenses with a thermal coating and accessories such as mask straps and microfibre cloths.

paintball hoppers

The hopper, also known as the paintball loader , is one of the most important parts of your paintball equipment. The paintballs that are to be fired with the marker are stored in it. So the hopper is practically the magazine of your paintball marker. A distinction is made between simple, mechanical loaders and the so-called e-hopper with a motor. Depending on the model, this can load up to 30 shots per second into the marker.

paintball run

Tuning for your paintball marker usually starts with the run. A good run can bring quite a bit of change in terms of precision. We offer you the right paintball run for every marker type. Be it as a sporty tournament variant or with moves and fields for your scenario markers. Order here now.

Paintball battle pack

The Paintball Battlepack is one of the most important parts of your paintball equipment. The Battlepack carries the ammunition in the included pots, also called speedlaoders. So that you always have enough paintballs on the field, the Paintball Battlepack must be designed for the respective needs of the user.

Paintball Pod / Speedloader

With the Speedlaoder you can carry more paintballs in the Battlepack with you. He's practically the magazine. You can get a paintball pod from us for as little as 2 euros.

Buy a paintball bag

To transport your paintball equipment safely from one event to the next, we recommend a paintball bag . These bags and backpacks are specially designed to meet the requirements of paintball and have the option of locking them during transport, for example. In addition, they have special pockets that are chosen and designed in such a way that they offer optimal space for the special items of equipment.