High-quality paintball bags from all top brands, only at Paintball Sports

When it comes to paintball bags, you've come to the right place at Paintball Sports. We offer you a large selection of current paintball bag models from numerous top brands. Valken , Dye , Planet Eclipse and Push , among others. Of course we will deliver your new paintball bag to your home free of charge. This offer is valid throughout Germany.

Which paintball bag is best for me?

That depends entirely on what purpose you are pursuing. For example, tournament players have different needs than woodland & scenario paintballers . Then there is the question of how extensive your equipment is and whether you, for example, also play internationally and maybe also change casual clothes for your paintball trips, or whether you have to pack a second set of paintball clothes. There is a paintball bag in the appropriate size on the market for every need. These differ in turn in brand, quality and one or the other product feature such as Trolli function , more stable wheels for rough terrain or additional compartments to separate your paintball equipment from the clean change of clothes.

The Planet Eclipse LowLand Paintball Bag - An Evergreen...

One of the most requested paintball bags for years is the Planet Eclipse Lowland bag . This is called something different from year to year and is also revised again and again in terms of shape, but in principle it has been almost the same model for 10 years now. The bag, which is still quite inexpensive at less than 200 euros, is one of the most robust on the market and offers plenty of storage space and several compartments for equipment and accessories. A very popular classic that most players around the world use.

I need a cheap paintball bag - which model is right for me?

It can always be cheap, but you have to make a clear distinction between inexpensive and cheap paintball bags . The bags are exposed to maximum stress in paintball sports. The sun and color really take a toll on the material when the bag is left on the sidelines for a whole day. Therefore, attention should be paid to reasonable quality and good workmanship. An inexpensive paintball bag is usually in the range of 100 to 150 euros. You shouldn't actually buy a real paintball bag underneath. Alternatively, there are marker bags, backpacks or small bags for individual items of equipment. These can be an interesting alternative for hobby players and are usually available for less than 50 euros.