Paintballs for children are available here...

The paintball offspring is on the rise. In order to be able to play paintball, the kids have to use a smaller caliber, the so-called Cal. 50. These significantly smaller paintballs are lighter and therefore have less projectile energy than the larger paintballs. Nevertheless, there are also at Cal. 50 paintballs many special features and differences in terms of price-performance ratio.

Kids Paintballs - These are the top brands!

Even with paintballs for children, there are now numerous manufacturers on the market who are vying for the favor of the players. After Gi Sports was the first brand to enter the kids panitball business, the other big players now also offer Tomahawk , Valken and Proshar . 50 kids paintballs .

But some no-name brands are also represented and are practically in no way inferior to the big providers. Buying kids paintballs cheaply is actually no problem at all, you just have to compare a little.

In general , a crate of paintballs for children is a fair bit cheaper than the paintballs at Cal. 68 for adults, because there are always 400 rounds in a box. That's double the amount. In the end, you get away with it really cheaply and the youngsters can play paintball cheaply.