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Returns / Retours


If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the goods we have delivered, have a problem or want to make use of your 14-day right of return, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our service employees are always at your disposal to solve any problems that may arise quickly and easily.


By phone  from Monday to Friday on  + 49 [0] 511 – 984229 – 10
By fax  on + 49 [0] 511 459 599 8
By e-mail to Kontakt(at)Paintballsports(.)de

Please note that if you email us, please include your order number and a brief explanation of the issue.


In general, the choice of shipping method (insured or non-insured) and the choice of shipping provider (DHL, UPS, GLS, etc.) is up to you. However, we recommend choosing an insured package, because in the event that the goods are damaged or lost by the package service provider and the package is not insured, the sender remains liable. Neither we nor the shipping service provider can assume any liability in this case.

At this point, please note that we do  not accept freight collect shipments , as these have a significantly higher postage. According to applicable EU law (since 06/08/2016), the customer has to bear the costs of the return shipment himself. Of course, the usual postage of up to 6.90 euros for an insured package will be reimbursed after receipt and inspection of the goods within the framework of our terms and conditions and applicable law if Paintball Sports is at fault (e.g. sending the wrong item). However, we will also be happy to send you a return label for this after consultation with our customer service.

Please pack the goods as you received them or as you would want to receive them as a package. For example, if you order a pair of shoes, they will be sent to you packed in a shoe box. We pack this shoe box again separately, so that there are no traces of shipping on the box or the actual goods. We expect returns to be made in the same manner. We expressly ask that you refrain from sticking shipping labels, adhesive tape and other packaging material directly onto the goods or their packaging. Please also use an outer packaging for the return shipment to send the goods back to us in the same condition as they were sent to you. It makes sense, for example, to use the box you received from us for the return shipment.

If the goods or their packaging is still stuck / damaged, we unfortunately have to charge compensation for the damage caused. Please understand these circumstances, because you as a customer also expect new goods from us in undamaged original packaging. You don’t have to damage the packaging to check the goods or “just try them on”. Thank you for your understanding and your help on this point.

PLEASE NOTE that  PAINTBALLS ,  PYROTECHNICS  and other “perishable” products that require special storage are expressly non -returnable. Therefore, please do not simply send them back unsolicited. If there is still a problem or a defect, please contact our customer service. We will tell you what to do and find a solution together.


Please always send the return / return to the following address:

Paintball Sports GmbH
Kopernikusstr. 12a
30853 Langenhagen



    1. Please only send back free (franked) packages. Unfree packages are not accepted by us due to the increased postage   . If you are entitled to reimbursement of the return costs, we will of course be happy to reimburse them on request. Please note that since August 6th, 2014 a new EU guideline for the return of goods has been in force. The return is therefore carried out in accordance with the applicable EU law at the expense of the buyer.
    2. If a refund of the purchase price is desired, please send us only unused, new and originally packaged goods, as only these can be refunded by us. IMPORTANT  – Paintballs, pyrotechnics and other “perishable” products that require special storage are specifically non-returnable. Therefore, please do not simply send them back unsolicited. If there is still a problem or a defect, please contact our customer service. We will tell you what to do and find a solution together.
    3. For your own safety, please always use an insured shipping service for returns. Paintball Sports is not liable for damage or loss of shipments during transit.
    4. To make it easier to process the return, please enclose a copy of the invoice with the order and briefly note what is to be done with the goods (e.g. return, exchange, complaint, etc.). Our employees can then process your shipment much faster based on the invoice and the information you have provided.
    5. If a refund / repayment is desired and the order was paid for in advance, bank transfer, Sofortüberweisung.de or cash on delivery, please also enclose your bank details with the invoice. In these cases, no repayment can be made without bank details.
    6. The returns are processed by us at least twice a week. The order is then processed further by shipping (in the case of an exchange) or accounting (in the case of a return/cancellation). This can take a few days. We therefore ask you to refrain from queries about the status of processing within the first 7 days.


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