Winter paintballs with a special Frostbite formula

Winter paintballs have been specially developed for the colder seasons and are played in the temperature range from minus 10 to about 10 degrees plus . These paintballs are specially adapted to cold outside temperatures in the winter months and do not burst in the barrel. A real advantage in the low season.

What exactly is Winterpaint?

Winter paintballs have a very special formula. Here, instead of the usual PEG 400 and more stable PEG 600 is used. This reacts differently to the cold temperatures in winter. The PEG 400 quickly becomes brittle in cold temperatures, which can lead to the paintballs bursting in the barrel. PEG 600 remains elastic for longer even in cold temperatures and thus offers exactly the advantage that you need in winter.

In addition, the shell of Winterpaint is a bit thicker, which protects the paintballs against external influences. Due to its chemical composition, the filling has a kind of antifreeze effect and stays liquid longer.

The Gi Sportz CryoFill and DXS Frostbite formula are the market leaders

The manufacturer Draxxus specialized in the production of high-quality winter paintballs more than 15 years ago and developed its own filling for this purpose, the so-called Frostbite CryoFill . This should even withstand the extreme temperatures in the Canadian winter and ensure maximum fun in the cold season. The paint is certainly not cheap, but in terms of quality you get the best winter paintballs you can buy. Other winter paintballs with CryoFill are Empire Blizzard, Empire Polar Ice and the well-known GI Sportz Fristbite . All varieties come from the ProCaps factory in Canada which in turn is home to the GI Sportz brands and their subsidiary brands Empire and Draxxus .