Paintball field net wire rope eyelet / thimbles for steel ropes (5mm)

Drahtseil_Kauschen_Oese_fuer_Paintball_Spielfeld_Netze_5mm Drahtseil_Kauschen_Oese_fuer_Paintball_Spielfeld_Netze_details
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Product description

These wire rope eyelets are required for various applications. For example, to form loops with the wire rope to hook into the tension hooks (see accessories), or to lead wire ropes safely around corners or to bring them together and connect them.

We offer the wire rope eyelets in 3 different sizes, suitable for all wire ropes from our range. The decisive factor is always the outer diameter of the wire rope, including the sheath. This eyelet is suitable, for example, for our 3mm wire rope with sheath, since the total diameter including the sheath is 5mm.

Example of use / installation see Figure 2.

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