Paintballs from Dynamic Sports Gear - quality wins!

The Dynamic Sports Gear brand has stood for innovation and the best quality for years. All products are extensively tested in practice before they go on sale. In the field of paintballs , Dynamic Sports Gear has so far been mainly because of its large selection of Cal. 43 ammo appeared. Here, as the first and only supplier worldwide , 8 different color variants have been brought onto the market. This is in the area of Cal. 43 RAM ammunition is unique and not only gives players more choice, but also many new tactical training options. You can now, for example, equip each team with its own color and see who marked and switched off which target. A scoring for training purposes, events and individual players is thus significantly simplified.

Special paintball for special requirements - DSG Cal. 45 RAM ammo

The RAM guns are a bit coarser to ammunition than normal paintball markers . For this reason , Dynamic Sports Gear has specially adapted its ammunition to this area of application and given it an approximately 20% stronger shell . This allows for much more stable and easier handling in the RAM marker . Constant ball breaks on the run are a thing of the past with the Dynamic Spors Gear Cal. 43 color is clearly a thing of the past. Nevertheless, the paint reliably breaks on the target and, thanks to the richly opaque filling, leaves a clearly visible hit mark on the target.