Valken products for the best paintball fun

Valken Paintballs support you in every paintball game. Whether for simple training or in a tournament, Valken offers the right products. And you will find an appealing selection of these in our paintball shop. With boxes that contain up to 2000 pieces, you can heat up your game opponent properly. With its range, Valken is aimed at both beginners and experienced players, and the products are accordingly tailored to hobby and leisure players as well as tournament players. Valken Sports is completely dedicated to tactical sports such as paintball. In addition, the brand supplies all the equipment that players need for the sport.

This is what sets Valken paintballs & paintball ammunition apart

Shell, filling and flight behavior are the quality features for paintballs, or determine which type of paintball sport the paint is best suited for. For example, for beginners and occasional recreational players, Valken offers paintballs with a medium-hard shell, the filling of which does not leave stubborn marks on clothing and cover. For experienced pros, on the other hand, there is the Valken Redemption Pro variant. You can't get better quality at Valken. The paintballs from this series are characterized by an above-average flight behavior. In addition, they have a very brittle shell and a viscous filling with a bright fluorescent color, so they are just right for extended tournaments.

Valken at Paintball Sports

If the Valken brand has aroused your interest, but you are still unsure about the product selection, we have an offer for you. In the "TEST THE BEST" package you get four boxes of different Valken paintballs (a total of 8000 pieces) at a trial price. This way you can get to know the brand better and also find out which variant is best for you. In addition to the quality of the Valken products, you not only benefit from the unbeatably good test package in our shop, but also from quantity discounts and team deals . Simply make an inquiry and there will be the right offer for you.