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If you want to buy a paintball marker, then you've come to the right place! Paintball Sports is your paintball shop with over 20 years of experience in paintball markers. We carry all current brands and models in all designs and color variants.

Paintball Marker Set - Here you can save!

If you are new to paintball sport, we recommend a complete paintball marker set. Such a paintball marker set contains everything you need to get started. A paintball marker, a loader, an air system and a paintball mask are usually part of the basic equipment in every paintball marker set. Every now and then you get other things like battlepacks or a box of paintballs. In any case, a paintball marker set is always significantly cheaper than buying it individually.

The selection is huge...

Paintball markers are available as paintball guns, paintball guns or paintball grenade launchers. There are also paintball markers for beginners and paintball markers for tournament sports. There are even fully automatic paintball markers, but these are only allowed up to a maximum of 0.5 joules in Germany. So that you do not lose track when buying your first paintball marker, we will be happy to help you and advise you in detail on the differences between the individual models.

The top brands among paintball markers

Tippmann paintball markers are currently very popular with newcomers. The Tippmann TMC in particular is at the forefront. In the tournament area, players rely on Dye paintball markers and Planet Eclipse paintball markers . Both manufacturers play at the top when it comes to quality and performance.

Paintball marker used - the advantages and disadvantages

Of course there is also the possibility to buy a used paintball marker. The advantage here is clearly the low price. However, there are also a few disadvantages and pitfalls that should be considered when buying paintball markers. So you never know who has already fiddled with a paintball marker and maybe even misaligned or broken one or the other. You also only have the full guarantee and warranty if you buy a new paintball marker. After the first, somewhat more expensive, repair, you often have the difference to a new purchase. We therefore recommend the purchase of a used paintball marker for experienced players at best, who can also lend a hand with repairs if necessary.