Wire rope turnbuckle / tension hook (hook - eyelet)

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Product description

Turnbuckle for fine adjustment of the rope tension for the paintball field structure.

The material of wire ropes also gives in over time and stretches a little. So that the tensioned ropes, and thus the playing field nets, do not sag, it is advisable to install so-called tensioning hooks for later readjustment of the rope tension.

When first installed, the hooks are installed in the extended form on the rope. If the rope then gives way over time due to gravity and the external effects of wind and weather and begins to sag, you simply screw the turnbuckles together further and thus increase the rope tension.

In order to ensure maximum safety during this process, our tensioning hooks withstand twice the pulling weight of the wire ropes we offer.

Technical data of the rope tensioner:

Weight about 157g

Load capacity 4100 N

Length: open approx. 265mm / closed approx. 165mm (10cm tightening possible!)

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