Paint from Empire Paintball

Empire means "empire" in German: And in paintball, empire is at least close. The company, based in Sewell, New Jersey, USA, is focused on the distribution and manufacture of professional paintball equipment. Today, paintball enthusiasts all over the world can enjoy this: Empire no longer only supplies US specialist shops, but also points of sale and online shops in Europe.

Our range of paintballs from Empire

The Empires Paintballs range is divided into various variants that are designed for specific types of games. The Hotbox Training paintballs have a comparatively hard shell. This makes them the ideal paintballs to introduce to the sport as a beginner. The “ RPS Polar Ice Winter ” balls are presented to you in a radiant turquoise. As the name suggests, they are aimed at use in harsh conditions. The medium-strength shell defies the winter cold. The filling is thick and highly visible, but can still be easily removed from clothing. The best flight characteristics are also guaranteed with these frosty, professional paintballs.

Empire paintballs for tournament players

Are you a tournament player and want to handle paintballs under professional conditions at all times? Then you should go for the Marballizer Premiums . The intense green is comparatively difficult to remove after it bursts, but it is even more visible. They are exactly the right choice for professional competitions where details are important. By the way: Our employees will pack all 500-pack bags in a separate box for you so that your precious paintballs arrive safely at your home. If you have a particularly large need for paintballs, it is also worth purchasing the bulging 2000-pack boxes. In this box size you can also grab the excellent RPS Premium paintballs in a bright purple.