What should I consider when buying paintball shoes?

The most important thing in paintball sport is the right traction. Tournament paintball is played on grass or artificial turf, so-called turf, depending on the season and the weather. In the past, various manufacturers have already dealt with the problem of the special surface in paintball sports and have developed their own shoes for the paintball area.

The currently best solution is shoes with so-called golf spikes. These are screw studs with small barbs that practically claw into the ground when you step on them. These golf spikes adhere best to the fibers of the artificial turf and offer optimal grip and traction.

Another important point is the processing. The color in the paintballs is very aggressive to the shoe and can attack glue and seams. Therefore, you should only wear shoes that were also developed for paintball sports. Otherwise, the paint residues can attack the material of the shoes very quickly.