Buying pepper spray & CS gas should be a matter of trust

Why? Quite simply, because when in doubt you put your life and your own safety in the hands of the brand that manufactures the defense spray used. If at some point the inevitable situation arises that you have to use the pepper spray, nothing would be more annoying than a defect or an insufficient effect.

For this reason, we only offer you high-quality branded products from leading providers in the security and security industry such as Walther, Umarex and the well-known brand Perfecta. With this selection of products, we can guarantee your safety as a user of our products with a clear conscience.

We offer you high-quality branded products for your personal safety.

The legal background to the use of defensive sprays

As a user of pepper spray and CS gas, you should familiarize yourself with the legal provisions before using them. If you value self-protection, you should pay attention to the product information provided by the suppliers and manufacturers, because not every pepper spray and CS gas can be used equally.

CS gas is generally suitable for self-protection against human attackers and may also be used for this purpose. Pepper spray, on the other hand, has a limitation in the area of the active ingredient. If the active ingredient content of the pepper spray is very high, then it is all the more effective, but it can also severely damage the attacker if used incorrectly.

Therefore, we ask you as our customer to always use defense spray responsibly!