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Your way to your own paintball field

Our company has many years of experience in paintball sports and is very familiar with almost all products on the market. In addition to the normal trade in paintball products and accessories, we are also a supplier for paintball fields throughout Germany and Europe and, as a one-stop shop, supply entrepreneurs and field founders with all the necessary accessories for setting up a new paintball field. Starting with the turf for the ground , nets, posts and tension ropes for the fender border, to the Supair playing field, the paintball markers for hire or the filling stations on the edge of the field, you can buy everything you need for the operation of a professional paintball field from us .

We would be happy to discuss your material and equipment requirements with you and make you an offer.

Supair pitches are the standard for tournament sports.

The path to your own playing field is often very rocky

Many young, up-and-coming entrepreneurs dream of the idea of running their own paintball facility in order to be able to earn a living and often also to be able to turn their hobby into a profession. Unfortunately, the implementation of this project turns out to be much more difficult than initially thought, because running a paintball field is not an easy thing. You need a lot of experience in the commercial area, should come from the paintball scene if possible and know your target group, the paintball players, well. In addition, you should of course also bring the necessary capital to start your own business.

Furthermore, the official requirements are slightly different in each area and should be checked carefully in advance. Anyone who has found an interesting plot of land for their paintball field is well advised to submit a preliminary building application to the responsible regulatory office and to speak to the municipality before entering into further negotiations. The granting of an operating license for the selected property is a basic requirement for operation. This is where the entire planning stands and falls.

The weapons trade license as a basic requirement for a playing field.

From a purely legal point of view, anyone who wants to open and operate a commercial paintball field in Germany needs a weapons trading license for the rental of paintball sports equipment, since the rental of weapons such as paintball markers also falls within the scope of trading. Incidentally, the same applies to the brokerage, repair and sale of these products. Details can be found in the German Weapons Act.

So if you want to operate your paintball field legally, you cannot avoid such a weapons trading license. The permit is issued by the authorities at the applicant's place of residence after passing a weapon proficiency test and a subsequent Chamber of Industry and Commerce test. All of these tests are subject to a fee for the applicant and are sometimes quite time-consuming. Until the WHL is obtained, the entrepreneur should definitely plan the first thousand euros in his calculation for the new paintball field.

An alternative to the WHL is the construction of the paintball facility on a club basis. A club has the option of issuing its paintball markers to its members without WHL. For this, every player who wants to play on the field has to be a member of the club. This can be done relatively easily with daily memberships. The big disadvantage of an association is the foundation and the billing. It should be noted here that an association needs a board of directors, several active members, a statute, etc. Furthermore, associations are not allowed to generate any official profits. A club-based playing field should therefore remain more of a hobby project so that there are no problems with the tax office.

Speedball fields are also interesting for woodland and scenario paintball.

Not all paintball fields are equally lucrative, this is where newcomers to the business can make serious mistakes.

In order to know what the market demands, it is of great advantage to research as precisely as possible in the respective catchment area. If, for example, there are already several paintball facilities for Supair or Speedball at the selected location or in the vicinity, but there are few offers for woodland and scenario players, then it is only natural that one must question whether it would be lucrative at this point to build another millennium field, or if you prefer to build a woodland system. Here you definitely have to think economically, even if you have, for example, a Paitball tournament team behind you, for which you would of course like to have your own Supair Millenium playing field, this usually makes little sense in such a place and sooner or later leads to economic failure . Here, too, our experienced employees can help you with a brief location analysis and determine the potential of your planned system together with the figures you have.

Woodland playing fields inspire about 70% of active paintball players worldwide.

What equipment do I need for a paintball field?

The basic things about a paintball facility are the playing field itself, a decent compressor system, the rental equipment and of course lots of paintballs.

Setting up the field is relatively easy. A supair field should use turf as the subsoil. This is available in different quality and price levels, depending on the nature of the ground and the comfort you want to offer on your pitch. A soft ground is always appreciated by the players.

The compressor should be chosen in such a way that it is designed for the number of players to be expected and can provide sufficient pressure throughout the entire game day so that a great gaming experience does not literally run out of air. Nothing is worse than paintball players who have paid a lot of money to have an adventure on their field and then have to stand on the sidelines without air because the compressor can't keep up. Especially since a player without air in the marker does not shoot any paintballs and therefore cannot generate any sales through subsequently purchased paintballs. Both are bad for your business.

The rental equipment should be kept simple and robust. This ensures little maintenance work for the operator and a lot of fun for the customer. In most cases we recommend a Tippmann 98 or a comparable model like the Empire BT-4. Most other models are simply not of sufficient quality for the rental business or are clearly too expensive. The marker is best supplemented with a standard 0.8 liter HP system with 200 bar, a 200-shot shaker hopper and a high-quality entry-level mask, e.g. a Proto Switch EL Field paintball mask.

When it comes to paintballs, value should be placed on good quality. The paintballs should not be too soft, but not too hard either. In addition, a reasonable branded paint should be used, because the customer often pays a lot of money for paintballs that he buys on the field, and accordingly expects a reasonable quality. To ensure that nothing happens when transporting the paintballs to the playing field and to keep costs as low as possible, we recommend dealers and field operators to order paintballs as a complete pallet. Depending on the provider, these pallets range from 120 to 160 boxes and can be handled the fastest and easiest way with a forwarding agent, pallet truck and forklift. In addition, due to the large quantity, the significantly lower purchase price for you as the pitch operator should not be underestimated.

As a paintball field operator, you can of course obtain all of this equipment directly from us at any time. If you wish, we can deliver all the equipment for your playing field from A to Z at your own personal dealer conditions directly to the place of performance. As a regular customer, you will always receive interesting information about innovations in the field of paintball systems, special offers for consumables and, with good cooperation, a payment term of up to 30 days on your orders. With this support and our professional support and advice, we would like to help you to establish your paintball field firmly on the market in the long term and to run it profitably.