Turf & artificial turf for paintball fields

We support pitch operators and start-ups in setting up their facility. Thanks to our good connections to numerous suppliers of paintball artificial turf and turf , we can always offer you very good prices and excellent product quality .

As a field operator, you can benefit from our many years of experience in working with paintball fields and trust our advice when choosing the best possible surface for your new paintball facility.

Paintball Turf - We explain the differences

Artificial turf is not just artificial turf. As an interested party, you not only have to ask yourself "do I buy new or used turf", but also which model. - We'll go into more detail on that below. There is paintball artificial turf in almost all shapes and designs, with padding or without, with an additional rubber layer, with scattering or without, with short or long blades, etc.

Talk to us before you buy, tell us about your planned paintball project and we will give you reliable advice on choosing the right artificial turf for your needs.

Paintball artificial breeds - The standard version

This artificial turf is usually very thin and has no padding whatsoever. It is quite hard when sliding, but is much easier to lay and does not cost a lot of money. A good choice for large areas or a cheap start.

Paintball Turf with Padding - The premium solution

Artificial turf with padding has an additional layer of elastic soft foam material. This takes the energy out of running and jumping on the surface, making it a lot more comfortable to play on. This turf has disadvantages in terms of price and laying. Due to the additional layer, the turf is very heavy, so you need a lot of manpower or heavy equipment to bring it onto the field.

Buy paintball turf new or used? - A tip from the pro

We always clearly advise buying used turf for a paintball facility . Artificial turf only has to look good if it should still look good years later. This is the case, for example, on soccer fields or a golf course. Since paintball is shot with paint, the artificial turf is no longer quite as attractive after a short time anyway. We therefore clearly advise against buying new artificial turf for use on paintball fields, it simply makes no economic sense.

The price difference between new and used turf is 50-80%, so as a field operator you can save a lot of money when setting up and invest it elsewhere in your paintball system .