Paintball chronometer to measure shot speed

The Paintball Chrony is an important part of the safety equipment on every field. The players use it to independently measure the shot performance of their paintball marker before entering the field. These chrony stations are mostly stationary and are located at the entrance to the field area.

Referees and security personnel on the paintball facilities also have mobile devices, so-called hand chronys, with which they randomly check individual players. This is to prevent players from cheating by illegally increasing the shooting power of their paintball marker.

Why is using a Paintball Chrony so important?

It's quite simply a crucial safety factor. If the marker is set too high, the bullet will fly faster and farther. This can lead to all sorts of problems and hazards. On the one hand, the balls can unintentionally leave the area due to the increased flight distance, or fly over the safety net. On the other hand, a hit with a stronger paintball marker simply hurts a lot more, which takes away the fun of the game from fellow players and opponents.

Probably the most important aspect, however, is the fact that the mask glasses can only be loaded up to a certain projectile energy. A shot with significantly more than 300 FPS can shatter a mask glass when using hard paintballs. And this is where it gets really dangerous.

The best & most popular paintball handchronys

Most players probably still know the X-Radar Handchrony from the last few years. It is small, compact and can display the most important information such as BPS and FPS. The X-Rader Paintball Handchrony was the measure of all things in paintball tournaments for a good decade.

Another product now determines what is happening on the playing field. The Virtue Clock Handchrony is not only a good deal better than the older Chrony models in terms of function and handling, but it can also determine and display significantly more information. With a quick glance at the large display, the referee sees all the details at once and can reliably say whether the player is moving within the framework of the rules or not.

Therefore, please handle your marker responsibly and use the paintball Chrony at the Chronystation before the start of the game. It is for your safety and that of your fellow players.