The paintball filling station - quality prevails.

Paintball filling stations are available in almost all sizes, designs and price ranges. We offer models for private individuals and small groups, as well as suitable solutions for teams and clubs, or large systems with several filling stations for entire paintball fields.

The most important selection criterion when buying a paintball filling station should be the quality factor. The filling station is under very high pressure of up to 300 bar during operation and is one of the most used objects off the paintball field . Problems and complications can often arise here if you choose a model that is too cheap.

A paintball filling station should therefore always be tailored to the needs of the user. As a playing field operator with more than 10 players, for example, the cheap entry-level filling stations have long been out of the question. With such frequent use, as occurs with 10 players, these leak very quickly. This in turn leads to customer dissatisfaction.

Are you looking for a paintball filling station for your field? - We would be happy to advise you...

For playing field operators, for example, we have relied on quality filling stations from the Baur brand for many years. Although these are one of the most expensive to buy, they also last for years. A difference in quality that quickly pays off in many ways.