cal 50 RUBBER precision bullets (15 tubes)

Umarex_Cal_50_Paintball_Fin_Shaped_Rubberballs_15er_Roehrchen Umarx_Cal_50_Shaped_Rounds_gummi_zweiter Umarex_T4e_RBP_50_First_Strike_Fin_Stabilisierte_Gummigeschosse_Details Umarex_T4e_RBP_50_First_Strike_Fin_Stabilisierte_Gummigeschosse_10er
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Product description

Precision bullets with a stabilizing plastic fin and a hard rubber head. This ammunition also flies very accurately over long distances and is ideal for training and personal defense.

The delivery takes place in a stable, resealable plastic tube with 15 shots content.

Delivery quantity: 15 shots

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