TacShot Ammunition AQUA SHOT Cal. 68 ammo (100 glass)

According to the German Weapons Act, not allowed under 18 years of age.
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Product description

TacShot Ammunition AQUA SHOT ammunition in stable, airtight 100mm plastic glass.

The TacShot Ammunition brand produces high-quality special ammunition for compressed air guns that are used in a wide variety of areas. The range includes training ammunition, self-defense and home-defense projectiles as well as effect ammunition for film and television. Users of TacShot Ammunition ammunition can be found in the private sector, as well as in the police, military and security companies, as well as in the cinema and TV film industry.

The TacShot AQUA SHOT bullets are used especially wherever you train with paintball and RAM weapons, but still want to avoid annoying paint residues or the like. The TacShot AQUA SHOT balls in Cal. 68 are absolutely insensitive to external influences and can be stored almost indefinitely. The filling consists of pure H2O, i.e. water. It leaves no traces on clothing, equipment or the environment. Nevertheless, the AQUA SHOT balls can be used like normal paintball balls with any standard Cal. 68 fire the weapon and also provide the same hit effect (learning effect) as a normal paintball. But without smearing the equipment or clothing of the hit with paint. The water filling has dried in a short time without leaving any residue.

This ammunition is used particularly in military and government training. You can send a unit training with these projectiles to the next training session immediately after training, without first having to clean the equipment or change clothing. At the same time, training with paintball and RAM weapons is significantly cheaper than normal training ammunition. Due to the actual shooting of ammunition and the impact on the target, the learning effect through the shock effect is significantly higher than when training with blank cartridges.

The TacShot AQUA SHOT ammunition offers you the learning effect of commercially available FX training ammunition (shooting, physical impact, realistic bullet trajectory over short distances, etc.) and without the annoying residues.

TacShot ammunition can be used with any standard paintball marker and other Cal. 68 (17.3mm) can be fired easily and without additional accessories.

Product details of the TacShot Ammunition AQUA SHOT ammunition:

- Training bullet with pure H2O / water filling (residue-free!)

- Made for police, military and security training simulations

- Plastic bowl filled with water

- Cal. 68 / 17.3mm

- Supplied in a plastic glass with 100 shots

- Can be stored almost indefinitely

Danger! - TacShot Ammunition ammunition is not a toy and should never be used lightly. Please observe the applicable legal regulations in your country as well as the safety regulations during use.

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