TacShot Ammunition BULLET SHOT Cal. 68 precision projectiles (10 tubes)

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Product description

TacShot Ammunition Bullet Shot in a solid, airtight glass tube with 10 shots for end users.

The TacShot Ammunition brand produces high-quality special ammunition for a wide range of applications. The range includes training ammunition, self-defense and home-defense projectiles as well as effect ammunition for film and television. Users of TacShot Ammunition ammunition can be found in the private sector, as well as in the police, military and security companies, as well as in the cinema and TV film industry.

Thanks to their special design, the TacShot Bullet Shot projectiles fly particularly quickly and precisely. The bullet has been specially developed for highly effective use at close range (up to approx. 35m). The special bullet shape ensures a very stable trajectory and an extremely good hit pattern. Due to the relatively low dead weight of the projectiles, they accelerate extremely quickly and reach high speeds. Because it is a full metal jacket polymer bullet, the bullet energy is transferred directly to the target for maximum effect. Ideal for training precise shots and for self-defense in an emergency.

TacShot ammunition can be used with any commercially available First Strike Ready paintball marker and other Cal. 68 (17.3mm) can be fired. - In other words, the marker must have a special magazine guide and design that allows this special ammunition to be fired in the "pistol ball" design.

Product details of the TacShot Ammunition Bullet Shots:

- Very precise high-velocity projectile

- Ideal for training and self-defense

- Solid polymer bullet

- Cal. 68 / 17.3mm

- High-quality packaging in a glass tube of 10

- Delivery quantity 10 pieces

- Can be stored forever and reused almost indefinitely

- Requires First Strike enabled marker to use!

Danger! - TacShot Ammunition ammunition is not a toy and should never be used lightly. Please observe the applicable legal regulations in your country as well as the safety regulations during use.

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