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The UMAREX brand is one of the best-known suppliers of home defense and self-defense products in Germany. In our Umarex shop we offer you the complete range of handguns and all the associated accessories and types of ammunition. With its T4E series, Umarex brings a bit more security into private households and all without a gun license or official requirements. All models we offer are free firearms that every adult citizen can acquire without prior examination. The Umarex T4E models are also becoming increasingly popular in the training area and with MagFed paintball players due to their faithful appearance.

The most popular UMAREX T4E pistols

One of the most well-known models in the Umarex T4E series is the Walther PPQ in caliber 43, which has been popular for years. This so-called RAM paintball marker not only looks like a real gun, it also works like one. The trigger, slide mechanism and magazine ejection are the same as on the original Walther PPQ weapon and thus ensure not only a deceptively real appearance, but also a one hundred percent realistic training effect. The Umarex Walther PPQ T4E models are also very popular when it comes to deterrence, because an attacker can hardly tell the difference from a sharp weapon and will definitely stay at a distance for the time being.

The Umarex HDR 50 revolver - the price hit!

If you like it high quality and yet cheap, you will love the UMAREX HDR50 revolver presented in 2019. the cal 50 revolver fires all types of Umarex T4E ammo. Be it pepperballs, rubber bullets or marker ammunition. With a purchase price of less than 100 euros, this weapon is the absolute non-plus-ultra when it comes to affordable home defense. Hundreds of customers can't be wrong and have made the HDR 50 their first choice self-defense weapon. You can get the HDR 50 revolver from us in a complete self-defence starter set including 12g Co2 capsules and ammunition. Order here now.

The new Umarex HDP 50 pistol - Now available here!

Umarex has a new pistol for 2020 in the Cal. 50 announced. This will be called HDP 50 and will come onto the market at the absolute top price of only 99.95 euros. The new model is already available here in the Umarex online shop and can be pre-ordered and purchased immediately. The 6-shot model is made of solid polymer and, like all Umarex products, impresses with its feel and design across the board.