DELTA MPB-50 pistol holster / paddle holster (black)

DELTA_Six_MPB50_Pistolenholser_Schwarz-1 DELTA_SIX_MPB50_Magfed_Paintball_Pistole_Holster
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Product description

Hard shell pistol holster with belt mounting for the DELTA SIX MPB-50 MagFed paintball pistol in 50 caliber, powered by Amomax.

The holster offers a solid hold for the weapon, secures the trigger thanks to the protruding bracket and offers protection against hits and dirt. Thanks to an additional locking mechanism, the pistol is protected against accidentally falling out. A simple push of a button releases the lock and the gun is quickly accessible.

This model is a right-handed holster.

Delivery quantity 1 piece .

Alternatively, the Amomax Per-Fit paddle holster also fits the MPB-50 pistol. These are available in 3 colors and for both right- and left-handers.

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