First Strike Paintball Marker

First Strike markers are among the most realistic paintball markers you can currently buy. The First Strike T15 assault rifle, which is based on the popular AR-15 assault rifle, is particularly popular with players. Directly behind is the First Strike FSC and the legendary First Strike Paintballs, which provide even more precision on the field. With us you get all First Strike paintball markers in every available color and all model variants. In addition, we generally deliver First Strike markers to your home free of charge, anywhere in Germany.

These are the current First Strike paintball marker models

The First Strike T15

The T15 is an AR-15 replica replica. The AR-15 has been the most popular assault rifle on the US market for years. The special thing about the First Strike T15 is that almost all original AR-15 components can also be installed one-to-one on the First Strike T15. Whether AR-15 Handguard or AR-15 Front Shroud, all components fit directly to the T15.

First Strike FSC Pistol

The FSC is currently the smallest and most compact paintball gun on the market. It has a magazine capacity of 6 rounds and is first strike ready out of the box. In other words, she can shoot the in-house precision ammunition, the so-called First Strike paintballs .

The First Strike SCOUT paintball sniper rifle

A few years ago, another model was released with the Scout, which is aimed specifically at the snipers among paintballers. The Scout is a single-shot, bolt-action sniper rifle. This allows very precise single shots to be fired at long distances. Of course, the First Strike SCOUT can also shoot First Strike paintballs.

These are the other products...

Of course, the manufacturer First Strike Paintball also offers other products. Among other things, the well-known Hero 2 HP systems or the First Strike Hero 2 HP Regulator. You can also find these in our shop in the other First Strike product categories.