Paintball Sniper Rifles and Accessories at Paintball Sports

Sniping is the ultimate challenge in MagFed Paintball. You can't afford to make any mistakes, because the first shot has to hit the mark. With modern paintball sniper rifles like the Carmatech SAR-12, distance shots of 100m and more are no problem. Of course, the reinforced First Strike paintballs from Tiberius Arms are used. No other projectile in paintball is as accurate.

Snipers in paintball sport - what is important?

The most important thing is the basic equipment. In order to get beyond the normal range of about 50m, as a sniper you always have to work with First Strike paintballs. Only these fly far enough and are still accurate in the shot pattern. In any case, your paintball marker should be capable of First Strike. If this is guaranteed, it goes to the setup. We at Paintball Sports primarily recommend a longer barrel of at least 16 to 18" in length, this is the only way the ball can be accelerated optimally and straight. Next you need a good visor, this should have an enlargement (zoom) so that you can go far distant targets. An adjustable sight rail helps you to set your sight quickly and easily to the current shooting distance. The trajectory of a paintball ball is very ballistic, i.e. it is curved. This curvature of the trajectory has to be compensated for with the sight and the inclination of the Adjust sight rail.

Which paintball marker is best suited as a sniper rifle?

The Carmatech SAR-12 is currently the clear favorite in this area. This paintball sniper rifle not only looks absolutely authentic, it also shoots very precisely. The SAR-12 is based on the look and function of the CheyTac M-200 rifle , one of the most popular sniper rifles in the world.

For players with a smaller budget, there are also cheap paintball sniper rifles on the market. For example, the Tiberius Arms T15 with its AR-15 platform has established itself as a versatile and popular model. Same goes for the Maxtact TGR2 and Milsig M17. These paintball marker models are also First Strike capable and therefore ideal for precision shooters. As the leading paintball shop for MagFed and sniper rifles, you will of course find all of the models mentioned with us.