FIELD Blaster Paintball Marker / Shotgun Cal.50 0.5J (Olive)

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Product description

Field Blaster Paintball Marker / Shotgun Cal.50 0.5J (Lime)

The marker for children works without CO2 or HP (compressed air). It is recharged after each shot, similar to a pump gun. The maximum energy is 0.5 joules, which is why it has been classified as a toy in accordance with the toy directive. This means it is subject to the age restriction of suitable for ages 9 and up. When playing paintball with this marker, wearing a paintball mask is not necessary, but wearing eye protection or a mask is recommended.


- Blaster Kids Marker Gotcha Gun / Shotgun

- Shotgun in caliber 50

- less than 0.5 joules

- for children from 9 years

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