DYE Ultralite-S Boomstick Barrel Back polished .688 (black)

DYE_UltraLite-S_Boomstick_Back_polished_schwarz-3 DYE_UltraLite-S_Boomstick_Back_polished_schwarz_Gewinde DYE_UltraLite-S_Boomstick_Back_polished_schwarz_Gewinde
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Product description

Dye UltraLite-S Boomstick Barrel.

The Dye Boomstick barrel has been setting standards for precision and quality for 25 years. A revised honing ensures more precision and prevents the air turbulence that occurs in front of the barrel. The self-centering function between back and front creates the best possible transition without edges. In combination, this results in a very quiet and precise shot, in short - the best performance.

- 8" barrel back

- 7" Ball Guide

- Compatible with all Dye UL fronts

- Available in: .680, .684, .688

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