DYE UL-I running back (gold, matt)

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Product description

DYE UL-I running back

The DYE UL-I Back convinces with a high processing quality, a very light weight and the use of the DYE UL-I inserts (sleeves). The system is also compatible with the Planet Eclipse PWR sleeves.

UL-I stands for "Ultralight Inserts" and it is the first barrel from DYE to use a sleeve system.

The UL-I sleeves use the same dimensions as the Planet Eclipse PWR sleeves and are compatible with Planet Eclipse's DYE UL-I and S63 barrel system.

Unlike other cases and barrel systems, the UL-I inserts are flush with the firing chamber (at the marker breech), which means that there is no longer a step. Tolerances or disruptive factors when shooting are virtually non-existent, which means that a high degree of efficiency and accuracy is achieved.


- UL-I sockets (Compatible with Planet Eclipse S63 insets)

- High-quality workmanship

- Compatible only with UL-I barrel back and UL-I or PWR cases

- Ultra light aluminum construction

Technical specifications:

- Thread: Autococker

- Compatible only with UL-I front part and UL-I sleeves or PWR sleeves

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