DYE Ultralite Boomstick barrel back .688 (black, matte) - M98

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The DYE Boomstick has always been one of the best barrels on the paintball market. The super finely honed inner surface of the barrel and the special helix bores make it very quiet and accurate. Top quality and a great shot pattern, as usual from DYE.

The complete Boomstick barrel consists of a front and a back. Since every player has different demands on the length and diameter of the barrel, we only offer the components of the boom stick individually, so everyone can put together their own barrel individually.

The Boomstick Backs are available in sizes .684, .688 and .692. The Bommstick barrel fronts are available in lengths of 14" & 16", each based on the total length of the subsequent barrel including the back.

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